"Betty" s'est fait dans un après midi sur mandat de Marc Hurtado, intervenant à la Lpro audiovisuel nvx médias

fr. (...) Il n'y a pas de miroir objectif
pas plus que d'Objectivité
c'est dans la glace des autres
que parfois on se reconnaît (...)

nl. (...) Geen spiegel spiegelt objectief
zelfs niet de Objectiviteit
soms in de blik van anderen
herkent men zich tentoongespreid(...)
extrait de Portraits de Betty, Jacques Prévert

Voir sur le webdoc "Remède"

Voir sur le webdoc "Remède"

Voir sur le webdoc "Remède"

Fred Tournaire
A portrait of the french actor Fred Tournaire. He is more than an actor. In the next 10 minutes he'll share with us Baudelaire, his past and his dreams..

Les pas perdus
A portrait of a dancing lesson in a quarter of Montpellier. People come here once or twice a weak to meet their body.

Montier en Der ville fleurie
A portrait of a community of volunteers, who work during a month on the construction of the biggest Wildlife Photo festival of Europe.
The festival takes place in a remote area in the north-east of France. It attracts more than 40.000 visitors in 4 days.
I wondered who those people are and why they decided to invest so much time and energy year after year.
This is my first try in recording and editing a film and it was a pleasant struggle in which I felt very supported by Tracy; thank you.

A short moving impressionistic painting, which is scened in Havana, Cuba.
Alberto is a clockmaker, he receives his daily clients, while Cuba's propaganda radio recycles the benefits of the Revolution, minute by minute, day in day out